Other things (like Haiti)

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I just wanted to chime in on the devastation in Haiti.

I think it’s wonderful the help and aid that’s pouring in from around the globe due to this tragedy. However, I do want to point out that there are many people suffering in the entire world, some more than others, and unjustly so, perpetrated by our own fellow man. If the stars can use their starpower for all people suffering, imagine the difference it would make in the world. I understand we won’t and cannot stop the world’s problems, but we can have a big impact on it.

So while we are doing all we can for the people of Haiti, let’s not forget everyone else!

I’m still alive

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Hey guys, just wanted to chime in and let you guys know that I’m still here. I’m currently working on the 10th track of the new album, and video shoot is in directorial stages. Perhaps soon I’ll release a “Making of the music video.” We’ll see how that flies.

A new year, a new beginning

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As the new year takes hold, the sun will rise on my new album, which is slated for release later this year. I will continue to push my previous effort, “A Million Tears”, as much and as best I can in the meantime; I won’t abandon it, that’s for sure. Video is slated to be released soon (about time to get some videos up, hey?).

So here’s to hope and success in this new year. Thanks to all you guys who’ve been following me, listening to and buying my music. I appreciate it!

Yanni HIMSELF!!!

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Yanni himself complimented a video that I composed from scratch, with my brother performing! He said this to me on Twitter:

“Wow – you both sound great! Thank you for sharing that video.”

Here’s a screenshot to prove it!

Coming from the man himself, this is a HUGE confidence booster. I truly hope to collaborate with Yanni as soon as he is able to, as this proves to me, AND my brother, that we are capable of making great music!

Man, still can’t believe it! Yanni is like our musical teacher, our influence. To have him say that, means a lot!

Thanks Yanni!

P.S. This is the video that I was talking about. You can also find it in the Media section of the site.

Twitter is great!

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This is probably the first time I’ve ever spoken to a “celebrity”, so understand my excitement. Yanni actually responded to my request to see if we can hook up on a collaboration! It wasn’t the response I wanted, though, because he did say he had his hands full at the moment, but I don’t blame him; he is in fact very busy.

I guess that’s good sign for me, because I can now reach out to real artists and see if my material is good enough for us to a collab. Next up, Ronald Jenkees and Ryan Tedder (One Republic).

Man I hate being sick!!!!

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I don’t want to sound like I’m a complainy whiny b****, but I’m really sick and tired of being sick!

On top of the massive back pain that I had, I got the flu (or something like that). Talk about pain on top of pain! And I could really take no meds because I was ALREADY on meds for the back pain. Ugh! It was like pure hell!

Silver lining? I made a new song, going to mix and master, probably tonight. Very mellow, yet catchy and asserting altogether.

The sad thing about this all is that ever since I went down the sick/pain route again, I’ve been so limited. Previously, I used to be able to make an entire song in 3 days. Now, that’s up to half a month. That’s a drastic slowdown to my workflow, and I don’t like it a bit. But I have to manage; nothing else I can do.

The saga continues! Maybe I’ll have enough material so that I can promote “A Million Tears” along with the new album at the same time, who knows! 🙂

Making music is like

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Making music is a strange thing indeed. It’s a love affair, a project, a task, a deadline, torture, happiness, pain, and pleasure all rolled up into one. There, I think I included it all. It goes something like that. Once you latch onto a certain feeling or theme for a song, it’s very hard to control your imagination and relegate it specifically to that one piece of music you are creating. From one song can come hundreds of others; from just 3 notes can inspire an entire song (this is one of my methods of making music).

Having said all that, I’m halfway done on my new project, guilty of not even having promoted A Million Tears. It’s been very unfortunate, since I’m being held back by my health, which, if it were in class, I’d give it a  grade D. Nevertheless, this does nothing to stop my imagination, so the work goes on.

The response to A Million Tears has been gratifying. I love to hear from anyone and everyone what they think about my music and how it affects them. I even had a gentleman tell me that my music “has a soothing effect that put my children, whom I couldn’t quiet all day, right to sleep!”

That’s what I work towards. I want my music to be able to touch as many people as possible and help them get through their everyday lives, to help them emotionally, to tell them a story of mine that they can translate into their own understanding.

Done right, music is joy, and music is pain. Any true artist will tell you this.

Thanks for being so supportive of me and my project. There are good things to come, and I’m glad you all love A Million Tears so much.

Good night for now!