Photos uploaded

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I’m going to do another photoshoot soon for the new upcoming album, so for now, I uploaded photos that I took from a studio photoshoot for my previous album. Head on over to the Photos section to check them out!

Oh, btw…

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On my previous post, I listed my new song posted on Reverbnation. If you did a little digging around, you probably found my old material. The new single that I just posted is not from that album; it’s from my forthcoming one. There are 14 brand new tracks, “Sacred Promise” included.

In the future, you will be hearing a lot of clips from those songs. I might post up the entire album just for the heck of it. Eventually, I’ll post them on iTunes (support me, please…pretty please) and other places so you guys can get nice HQ versions to carry around on your MP3 player of choice!!!

As always, thanks for listening! I hope you enjoy them!

Sacred Promise, the new single!!!

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I’m new to this WordPress thing. I want to use it as my site, so bear with me while I get used to this. 😀

I know all my pages are empty and void of content, but that will change soon. Leave me comments in my contact page and they’ll come directly to me!

My new single is named “Sacred Promise”. I want to upload it to this site, but I have to pay money for that!  >:-|

You can listen to it here, or you can send me a message and I’ll send you a HQ version of the song!

Music as a language…

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Me in the studio
In the studio

I’ve always thought of music as a language. A way for us to communicate. Sometimes, I call it the “universal language”. Right?

Well, I am new to making music professionally. My weapon of choice? The Yamaha Motif XS. All my new music is created, arranged, composed, and mastered on this wonderful piece of equipment.

My main influence? Yanni. Back when he was doing “real” (non-vocal) style music. I love his instrumentals; always have, always will. The new stuff? Not so much.

Growing up in the 80s, I have all the influences of the big artists at that time: MJ (RIP), Journey (back when they had Steve Perry), Toto, you name it. I like to dip into an eclectic nostalgia time to time and get some inspiration.

Well enough talk for now. Hang tight with me while I find a way to upload my music to this thing…