Eternity QA

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Two days away from worldwide release, my new album Eternity continues to garner a lot of attention. Based on the questions I received, here are a few facts about it.

  1. I recorded this entire album from my home studio.
  2. Every single song was composed on the Yamaha Motif XS 8 synth workstation.
  3. No sampling was used except what was stock on the synth.
  4. I mixed and mastered the tracks using Sonar Producer 8.2, still connected to the Motif XS 8.
  5. There were actually over 20 songs that I made for this album, but only 12 made the cut. I might decided to release some of the ones that didn’t make the cut as free downloads from my site, as well as on YouTube.

I also wanted to comment on my last video post. I got a lot of feedback for the song “My Dad”. It was very overwhelming, and even brought a few people to tears. If I were to ever get nothing but this type of response for my music, I know I’ve done my job.

Thank you all for always supporting me and I hope you all enjoy the music. I’ll post again on release day.

My Dad: Full track #11 from Eternity

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May 30th is a very special day to me. It’s the day that my new album Eternity becomes available worldwide. It’s a time for me to think in retrospect, about all the adversity, sadness, the yearning; yet, it is a time to reflect upon the happiness, the success, and the hope that exists in each one of our lives.

When things settled down, and I got a chance to get back into the studio, time stood still; I realized that my Dad wasn’t with us anymore. So I wrote this song for him. This composition captures the spectrum of raw emotions that I experienced while I created it.

The name of this song is My Dad, which is 우리 아빠 in Korean. It is track 11 off my new album Eternity.

I hope my Dad would be proud of this song. I certainly am, and I hope you will be too.

Eternity tracklist

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Some people asked for the tracklisting on the new album Eternity. Well, here it is:

  1. Prevail
  2. Rise
  3. You and I
  4. Ocean of Inspiration
  5. Never Let Go
  6. Above the Stars
  7. Overwhelming Beauty
  8. Captivating
  9. Blossom of Eternity
  10. 530 Reasons
  11. Our Dad
  12. Reminiscence

Once again, you can listen to preview clips of all the songs here.

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Listen to new songs on Eternity

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As noted in one of my previous posts, my new album Eternity has been sent off to distribution and is slated for worldwide release on May 30, 2017.

You can listen to a preview of all the songs on Eternity here.

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Let me know what you think here, on FB, or on Twitter.

A cover of Felitsa, by Yanni

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I recorded this video 2 years ago, and forgot about it. I found it on my phone while doing a backup, and decided to upload it to my new official YouTube channel.


More updates

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So far, my website, Facebook, and Twitter have been completely updated to reflect my name and the new design for the upcoming album Eternity. Check them out here.

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A new beginning: Eternity

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I’ve finally had the time and I’d like to share some important and big updates.

All of these changes are reflective of my life so far, the things that have happened as of late, to help me to realize that life is far too short, and that I’d like to pick up the pace to put my positive contribution in to society.

To that end, the days of using a pen name is over. I will no longer use my pen name, NuwrayN, for my music. Instead it is being replaced with my real name: J. Park. My website and social media being rebranded are all in the works.

Additionally, I’m happy to announce the pending release of my new album: Eternity. This album has been in the works for almost 3 years. I am very proud of it, and hope that you all will love it as much as I do. The album has been sent off to distribution and is slated for release on May 30th, 2017.

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There is much more information to come, and I will provide some clips as well. Thanks for sticking with me, and stay tuned as always!

J. Park