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If You Were Here: availability

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Just wanted to give a heads up to everyone: currently, my new album If You Were Here is available for purchase right now at Bandcamp; it is still awaiting distribution at iTunes and Google Play, etc. You can click here to listen to and buy the album right now.

Just a quick update…

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Migration over to the new website has been fully completed, with email and all. In the meantime, I hope you all are enjoying the new song. I promise the new album will be worth the wait. Thanks for all your support; it helps drive me to keep pushing forward.

New song from upcoming album

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Here is one of the bonus tracks from my upcoming album. The name of the song is This Mystery.

This song features a coalescence of two prominent Oriental instruments, the Koto and the Shamisen. I tried to capture a mysterious atmosphere and infuse it with violin/orchestral tracks, and the result was this song. I think it is a very good effort, and I certainly hope you will be pleased with it. Enjoy…