a million tears

Discography rename

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My discography rename, particularly for the artwork, has been completed to change all my albums away from my pen name (NuwrayN) to my artist name, J. Park. It’s in distribution right now, and should become generally available inside a month.

You can listen to my entire discography here in the meantime.

Updated site

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I updated some pages on the site and fixed the Music page. I noticed that some of the music was not available in its full format, which would have conflicted with the album on Bandcamp, so I reuploaded all of it. You can listen to or buy in its full format over at Bandcamp now. Also, I’ve begun artwork on the first of the two new albums to be released later this year.

New song from upcoming album

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Here is one of the bonus tracks from my upcoming album. The name of the song is This Mystery.

This song features a coalescence of two prominent Oriental instruments, the Koto and the Shamisen. I tried to capture a mysterious atmosphere and infuse it with violin/orchestral tracks, and the result was this song. I think it is a very good effort, and I certainly hope you will be pleased with it. Enjoy…

I’m still here. For the long haul.

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I admit it’s been a while since I updated the site. Sometimes life becomes convoluted and takes up so much of our time that we forget the important things. I haven’t forgotten.

The music never stopped. As a matter of fact, I’ve since finished another entire album and am again halfway through a new one.

If one thing is constant, it is the pain that all of us feel. It is part of who we are, why we do what we do. It helps to drive us. The problem is that a lot of us do not know how to control it and it drives us to do all the wrong things. And hurt each other in the process.

I wish I could stand here and tell you life is peachy. It’s not. Everyone is searching for that inner (and outer) peace, but it is ever elusive. We are all just pulling shades over our eyes to temporarily mask the sadness. It doesn’t work. You need an outlet.

And this is the reason for my music. It’ll continue.

I’m in the process of moving back to this site, as it’s improved, and quite frankly is a better platform for publicizing my music. I will continue to release more information on the new album, which will be coming out in a month or two.

Thanks for all your support and kind words. I will reward you in the best way, and with the best music.

New website finally up…check it out!

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So how do you guys like the new site? It was hard to put together, especially since I have so limited resources (shhh, don’t tell anyone!). It’s quite hard to be a one man show, especially when you want to just make music. I now know why music artists need management.

At any rate, since you read the News section and there is a huge splash intro as well as on the front page, the album is named One And Only. It has a much more modern, punchier edge to it. I wanted to make this album reflective of current genres of material out there while maintaining the classical touch. I like this effort. It’s very diverse, and I hope you find the same about it.

At any rate, please, if you have ANY difficulties with the site, please let me know, so that I can fix it before the album launch. In the meantime, enjoy the new site, and please stay tuned for the new album, which will be hitting very soon!


Shameless toot

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So once in a while I guess it’s ok for me to toot my vuvuzela once in a while (cute saying I picked up from someone). Listen to my album A Million Tears, and  all my music at Facebook or at Myspace!!! If you like it, buy it! 🙂

And congrats to Spain on their World Cup win!!!

Traffic explosion

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Well, posting up my music like that caused my web presence to explode, and tons of traffic to the site that I’ve never had before. I guess it was all worth it, you know, all the social networking sites and what not.

On the music front, it seems the new album is going to be slightly delayed. Now I know the reason why it’s so hard for artists to meet a release date. If you can show me ONE artist whose album is not delayed, I’ll pay you a million dollars. 😀 It’s just not happening. There will always be some type of delay.

At any rate, I just wanted to state that A Million Tears will remain up for at least another week, so if you haven’t got around to listening to it, you might want to go give it a shot before it disappears into 30 second clips again. 🙂 Just a reminder. Oh, and here’s the link again in case you can’t find it. http://wp.me/pBmut-5y

I just finished piecing together another track for the new album this afternoon, so I will spend a few more days touching it up, composing the rest, arranging, and then mixing and mastering. This one is a straight instrumental, and is definitely inspired by Yanni’s “Until the Last Moment”. You guys will love this one.

Until then, take care, and stay tuned for ever more music.

Want to hear a new song?

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If you want to hear a new song, please head over to Kyle DiSanto’s page. He’s does professional mastering, and I had the pleasure of having him master a few of my songs.

On his media player, you will see one of my songs, titled “Written With Love”, off the album “A Million Tears”.

Enjoy! Stay tuned for more updates!

Bonus tracks as promised…

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Ladies and gentlemen:

As promised, here are the bonus tracks from the new album “A Million Tears”.


When the Rain Cries

As per the usual, please leave any and all feedback. I will have tracks available for purchase on iTunes, AmazonMP3, and the likes soon. Please stay tuned, and enjoy the bonus tracks!

“A Million Tears” Tracklisting

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Ok ladies and gents. Here is the tracklisting for the new album “A Million Tears”.

01. Prologue
02. Sacred Promise
03. When Devotion Is Worth It
04. A Dream to Share
05. One For All Time
06. The Reason
07. Night Till You Arrive
08. You Are The One (A Piano Duet)
09. Ever Closer
10. Castle of Ice
11. Written With Love
12. Will You, Would You
13. A Million Tears

Also, there are two bonus tracks which I will be releasing for download on this site soon! The names of the tracks are “Forever” and “When the Rain Cries”. Stay tuned!!!