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The Crown Jewel: If You Were Here

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This song is the crown jewel of my new album, the title track: If You Were Here. This song captures the essence of the album and summarizes all the feelings and inspiration I had for this album and condenses it into four and a half minutes. I swear that I myself must have listened to this song over 3,000 times by itself; I’ve had my music app on repeat for so long, and I still haven’t tired of it.

There’s a reason why it’s the title track. I hope you enjoy it, as it is a wonderful dedication, and exhaustively, painstakingly, and intricately composed and engineered.

Here is where it gets real

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During the composition of this album, here is where it started to get real.

While I like all my tracks, of course, there are always preferences of some over the others. This song is called Story of Dreams. It is the sixth track off my new album If You Were Here.

This song marked a major shift in not only the way I make music, but the driving force behind it. From here on out, I feel that songs hit their mark without being long and drawn out; they tell a story much more clearly for those who listen. And from here, began a new journey that I’m certain will lead to wondrous reflection and imagination. To you who inspires me, thank you; this one and all the rest are for you.

And without further ado, here is the song.

A track a week: Melancholy Melody

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Keeping with the theme of a track a week, here is Melancholy Melody, off my new album If You Were Here.

If You Were Here available now on iTunes

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For those of you who prefer Apple’s App Store, the new album If You Were Here is now available on iTunes.

A track a week: A Longing For

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Continuing on with a track a week, this one is called A Longing For, from my new album If You Were Here. Enjoy.

In other news, still waiting for the new album to be published to iTunes. Once it is, you’ll be the first to know!

A track a week: A Certain Truth

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Posting a full preview of a track per week sounds good, no?

Here is track 2, A Certain Truth, from my newly released album If You Were Here.

If You Were Here: availability

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Just wanted to give a heads up to everyone: currently, my new album If You Were Here is available for purchase right now at Bandcamp; it is still awaiting distribution at iTunes and Google Play, etc. You can click here to listen to and buy the album right now.

New site design

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I updated my website in preparation for my new album, which I will be announcing this week. All the artwork has been created and the album is now awaiting distribution. I’ll push the update straight here once it’s done.