Written With Love

Want to hear a new song?

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If you want to hear a new song, please head over to Kyle DiSanto’s page. He’s does professional mastering, and I had the pleasure of having him master a few of my songs.

On his media player, you will see one of my songs, titled “Written With Love”, off the album “A Million Tears”.

Enjoy! Stay tuned for more updates!

“A Million Tears” Tracklisting

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Ok ladies and gents. Here is the tracklisting for the new album “A Million Tears”.

01. Prologue
02. Sacred Promise
03. When Devotion Is Worth It
04. A Dream to Share
05. One For All Time
06. The Reason
07. Night Till You Arrive
08. You Are The One (A Piano Duet)
09. Ever Closer
10. Castle of Ice
11. Written With Love
12. Will You, Would You
13. A Million Tears

Also, there are two bonus tracks which I will be releasing for download on this site soon! The names of the tracks are “Forever” and “When the Rain Cries”. Stay tuned!!!