active soon

As this month comes to a close, I find myself thinking more and more of how my next album is going to shape up. The ideas come so fast and overflow so easily; I find it hard to contain myself, but I have to…

So quiet, so very quiet now
So quiet, so very quiet now

This is going to be a great upcoming musical project. Yamaha just released lots of updates for the Motif XS, which will only help me in my endeavor. Some of the things that they released, such as new drum sounds, only serve to provide the basis for my musical experimentation.

In the meantime, I have narrowed down to 2 names for my current album’s title. Also, working on getting the thing copyrighted so I can release it to the world.

Good things to come, really good. At the expense of my feelings, so be it. Stay tuned. A rollercoaster wave of  music is coming soon!!!


  1. I really wish I could write an album. I’ve emailed a couple of recording studios that say they specialise in writing and taking projects from start to finish, but I’ve heard nothing from either of them so far. If I could just finish one or two songs, that might give me enough momentum to write the rest…..

    1. I know, it pretty much forces us to be a one-man show, and that’s REAL hard, especially when you take into account daily life routines and requirements. I mean, it would be really nice to have someone make the CD covers for me, choose the pictures, fonts, all that stuff. That’s just more stuff for us to have to worry about when we should be focused on making music.

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