Some updates…

Sorry for not having updated the site in so long. I was caught up in the studio experimenting with a new style of mixing and mastering, which is the hardest part of the music making process.

I also found out some not so positive things regarding what my DAW was doing to my music. I went back and remixed two songs that I just made, and they came out totally different: they sparkle now! Seriously, you can hear a big difference; no more muddiness, dynamics are much more clearer, highs clear and lows distinctive. Painful process, but at least I learned a whole lot.

Also, I’m contemplating switching DAWs to make my workflow easier to manage. This will require some experimentation, so there we go, more studio time. 😀

As for the album “A Million Tears”, tonight I will upload the 2 bonus tracks I mentioned in my previous post and make them available for download, so stay tuned.

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