Progress, new media player, and finally new artwork

Finally, I have a media player on my website, with links to purchase to follow. Please check it out on the right hand side to hear clips from the album. Included in the tracklist are 4 tracks that are fully downloadable at the format of your choice, from HQ MP3, HQ AAC, or even Apple lossless. Please click on the media player picture for the download page.

In addition, I finally finished making the artwork for “A Million Tears”. Here is the artwork for the CD cover.

A Million Tears CD Cover
"A Million Tears" CD cover

On another note, I understand that this day and age is all about free software and music, and I get that. Music is what we love to do, no doubt, but we artists work and toil hard at this craft. The best way you can support us is by buying our music and/or passing on the word about us. This way we can continue making tunes that you love.

More to come!

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