Listen to the entire album A Million Tears, for free!

Hey guys,

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, I have made my album A Million Tears available, in full length, on Last.FM.

Click the image to go Last.FM

I’d love to hear feedback from everyone! Thanks, and I hope you love the music!


  1. Haven’t listened to all of it, but what I have listened to is fantastic. In fact one track almost brought a tear it was so moving. I have perhaps only one very very small critique to make, which I guess comes of being a fellow musician, and I don’t think any non-musician would know any different. It’s some of the drum tracks, they sound a little too electronic, which, for tracks with some awesome sounding piano in ( you’ll have to let me know how you get that beautiful sound from your XS ) just lets it down. As said, it really is a very very small thing, as overall I think it is a real work of art. Looking forward to the next album.

  2. Thank you so much for that. I am definitely humbled.

    About the drum track, yes, some of them sound “electronic”, but it was more of a learning process than anything. Those tracks that sound like that, I made those songs when I first got the XS, so I was still in the early learning stages when making those songs. After I learned more, I didn’t want to go back and change those tracks, because then I would be doing it forever. 😀

    Only a fellow musician can make another musician better, as they know what to look for, so your opinion is definitely valued.

    However, I can promise you, the new album that is going to be released sometime later this year will most likely not fall victim to that Almost everything I’m using are live/HQ samples, so it sounds/feels like the real thing.

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