New album named

Good news everyone: the new album has been named, and construction on the new website is well underway. I will be debuting the new album and new website within the next month and a half.

On the new site, you will have the capability to purchase any of my music directly, without having to go through iTunes, AmazonMP3, or the like, although it will definitely still be distributed and offered at all those stores. So hopefully, that will make it easier for you guys. In addition, I will be offering high quality, studio masters of each song that is made, so that you can listen to the songs in their full glory; you’ll only be able to get this CD quality (as if you had the actual CD). MP3s always degrade the sound quality, no matter what. Anyway, it’s another option for you guys to experience my music in its full glory. 🙂

Stay tuned, and be prepared to be blown away by the new music!


    1. Reveal coming in the next month. It’ll be announced as soon as the new website is done.

      I listened to the clip; not bad at all. Sounds like a good start to something! As a matter of fact, sounds like it might be good enough by itself!

  1. WOO HOO !!! – Looking forward to that. I went back to try and do a bit more to that tune, as on second listen I was unhappy with the timing on the guitar. In trying to find a better guitar, I found another riff, decided it would be better on a distorted organ, and ended up writing another new loop !!!! I wish I could finish things as easy as I start them LOL – So here’s the new piece so far ( again, just a loop at the minute, even though I un-mute things as it progresses ).

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