Take a moment to reflect

As we enter a new year, let’s reflect on the good and bad. And let’s resolve to do better. For everyone. Do until others as you would want unto yourself.

Last year was particularly hard, for a lot of people. Too many have been hurt for no good reason at all, and most of it has been preventable. Everyone is so caught up with themselves, that they don’t take the time to see how their neighbor is doing. If we could all do one good thing, pass it around, and keep continuing, the world will be a much better and easier place for us all to live.

As for my part, there is no greater good than sacrificing for the good of others. Of course, the music continues. New album coming real soon, and it sounds great. As long as I can continue to do this, I’ll have at least contributed something worthwhile to the world, rather than leaving a lasting legacy of ruin. May we be protected from that.

Here’s to a better 2013. For all of us.

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