Welcome 2015

There are always ups and downs in life; 2014 was no different. Here’s to 2015, and that we continue to be good, productive members of society!

With that, here is Track 3, Rise and Fall, from my album If You Were Here.


  1. Dude, I love your music! The sound design on this track in particular is pretty stellar. Now I don’t have to wait around for Yanni’s next album and be disappointed that it’s another vocal record again. I’d love to learn more about your process if it’s something you’re interested in chatting about.

      1. So, first the boring gear question, which is just – do all the sounds come from the Motifator, or are there a good number software synths and samples used in each track? Are you recording MIDI into a DAW or outputting audio from the keyboard after you’ve sequenced on Motifator?

  2. Hey Derek!

    All the sounds come from the Motif XS 8 itself; I have not used any other software synths or samples in any of my music. It’s all the Motif exclusively.

    The recording is done via the 1394 Firewire onboard the Motif. As a matter of fact, for this album, I had just switched to using it because I wanted the “pro” audio quality instead of fussing with a separate sound card that I was using. You pretty much described the process. I record the MIDI into a DAW (Sonar Producer), but continue to use the Motif as the MIDI sound controller, so all sounds are still generated by the Motif. I then make arrangements to all the tracks, etc., then record the audio into the DAW. Finally, I master it using iZotope Ozone 4.

    Hope that helps!

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