My father

Tonight, my father is sleeping. Not with me and my family, but alone. But he isn’t alone, because my spirit and thoughts are with and around him.

I stood next to him as he left us, and I was there with him till the very end, when I placed the last bit of soil on him. Everything he taught me is still fresh in my mind. All the joys and pain we experienced as a family, has turned into nothing but happiness. Still, I long to see his smile again, to hear him laugh, to experience his sharp, witty jabs, and to learn from his ocean of knowledge.

The days have crawled slowly by. Now, every little thing that happens, I see and hear only as how my father would have liked it. Even though we are still close in distance, we are so far away from each other.

I am a big believer that he hasn’t truly gone from us and is around, but in a way that we don’t understand. I will strive to be like the very best that he was, and learn from all the lessons he taught.

My love is for a select few. Right now, it belongs to my father (and my mother). Dad, this is for you.

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