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Kevin B. Selby

Okay folks…I’m gonna be real blunt (cuz heck, it’s who I am). These days, with keyboards being so prevalent and affordable, nearly anyone can “produce an album” and so it was with a jaundiced eye that I took in this post. I’m also new at this forum, so I don’t know anybody yet. So being cynical I thought “uh huh…another album produced by some kid on a keyboard”.

Egads I’m an idiot. THIS STUFF IS BRILLIANT! I cannot shut up about Mr. J. Park’s music.

He is very very mature musically and knows EXACTLY what he is doing with the Motif XS.

The other thing I get really cynical about is when musicians describe themselves and their music. Well, again, here I am being put in my place because everything Mr. J. Park says about his music is absolutely true. I hear all of the nuances and influences he speaks to on his website. Kudos to him for accurately describing his particular brand of music (it’s actually kind of hard to do because you don’t want to drown your readers in hyperbole, yet you want to ACCURATELY get across what your music sounds like and how great it is!).

I am about halfway through A Million Tears and will probably get through One and Only by the end of the day.

Very VERY peaceful and meditative stuff. The mix is excellent with all instruments nestled nicely into their “area” of the stereo spectrum. The choice of instruments is also done very well in that they blend together and add to each other perfectly. This stuff is going in my .mp3 player (and also in my Music folder at work) and my twin girls (11 years old) are going to have these two albums on their iPod Touch’s.

The “pacing” of the album is also spot on. No tracks “jar” you or startle. Everything just flows peacefully on.

Ooh…just heard some nylon acoustic guitar played beautifully. Yeah! Love me some nylon!

These two albums represent two fantastic successes in my opinion:
1. J. Park’s excellent songwriting, recording, mixing, producing skills.
2. A testament to the high quality of Yamaha instruments (of which we all love!).

Whether you love or hate “new age” style/genre, you must admit that the Motif series of keyboards, when used expertly and by someone with an intense sense of purpose and creativity, simply soar.

My hats off to you sir. Keep up the GREAT work. You have truly inspired me today! I gotta get off my duff and get some things done with my XF’s.


I am a bit late getting in on this, but I am glad I ran across it. I love what you had done, and have to whole-heartedly agree with Tony’s assessment of the XS as a force of its own from the A’s to Z’s of music production. Of course it takes one who knows how to get to the real meat & potatoes of this very capable, and all encompassing music making machine, and the little bit that I have heard here is testament to the fact that ajm786 most definitely knows how.

A very fine example indeed, and one that I hope to step into the realms of – one day.


Listening to it right now and love it. This is very inspiring work. Looking forward to your write up and commentary if you have the time. Enjoy your success and the efforts produced by your hard work.


I listened to a few random tracks. “New age” (or whatever they call it these days) is not exactly my bag, but I’m really impressed with what you’ve done. You obviously have a lot of talent and have put tremendous effort into this. It’s amazing how wide a sound palate you are able to get out of a single synth.

On your site, you mention Yanni as an early influence. Well, I think you’re every bit as good (if not better) than him. I wish you all the best with your music.


Man, your website is a hit Bro! All the blessings to you and your success in music. I just totally love your style! Some people say it’s reminiscent of Yanni, but you definitely have your own originality!!!! AWESOME!!!


  1. Keep up the good work.Our music sounds a lot alike..Years ago before I knew who Yanni was,people would tell me I sounded like Yanni.Whats a Yanni?I would ask.lol.I just bought a Mo88,and it’s goona take me a while to figure the sequencer out.(it’s drivin me crazy).But when I do maybe I can put something on..Really great stuff,loved it!!

  2. Awesome!! I have your first album, and I have to say that I LOVE track 4! 10 and 11 are ok too. But I could listen to 4 ENDLESSLY! Hurry up and make more music!!

  3. Nice music! I’m also a Motif owner (ES6 with VL, AN and DX plug-in boards) and thrilled with sounds and capabilities. I always like to hear such a experienced and inspirational music. I’ve read that one guy said that drums are sounds too electronicaly, so I also have a question regarding drums. As I found, Yamaha drums sounds very realistic and that is keeped from ES to XS. Do you want them to sound artificial? Anyway, even after first preview, your music is tasteful!


    1. Thanks for listening to my music! 🙂

      The answer to your question is both yes and no. I did try to make my music an electronic/new age/easy listening/healing type of sound, so some of the tracks sounded electronic on purpose, others were by accident, since I was still in the learning stages using the keyboard.

      Nevertheless, the next album which is coming out sometime this year, will not have such an electronic effect; it’s very acoustic, and has a much edgier sound. I trust you all will like it! 🙂

  4. Hi, NuwrayN!
    I’m really interested in the song called “City of Lights”.
    I really want to play this song on my piano!
    So, I’m here to ask you politely if there is any possibility to purchase a copy of piano sheet of this song?

    Best regards,
    Patrick Pan

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