Growing the music

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I’ve been creating music using my synth workstation, the Yamaha Motif XS 8, for the past 7 years. It has served me well. I’ve learned the ins and outs of creating, meshing, and melding the sounds to get the exact reflection of what I feel, and to date I’ve been able to do just that without any external plugin or other instrument.

As with anything, you gradually outgrow the capabilities that you start with. Now begins the most radical shift in my music creation.

My signature sound is and always be a Yamaha, whether it be a C7 or a CFIII. How I arrive at that sound, however, will change. I have been vetting a number of powerful plugins that will truly usher my music into a new chapter, and eliminating my biggest obstacle: the dreaded polyphony.

6 tracks have already been laid for the new album. I may just shorten it rather than create a standard album of 10+ tracks and call it a release as-is, because I plan to build a full, proper studio to compliment my shift in music. This will ensure that you and I get nothing but the best, and that you hear exactly what the true nature and feeling of what I intend you to hear. This is what I call “growing the music”.

The wait will be worth it, so just have a little more patience. Great things coming soon. Don’t forget to listen to all my music here, and if you like it buy it, and let your friends listen too!

Until next time!

If You Were Here available now on iTunes

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For those of you who prefer Apple’s App Store, the new album If You Were Here is now available on iTunes.

New album release: If You Were Here

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Ladies and gentlemen:

I present to you my newest album: If You Were Here. I started this album back in August of 2013, and composed six of the tracks within the last 4 months. Click the album cover to listen to the album now.

If You Were Here

Here is the tracklisting:

1. Unexpected Destiny
2. A Certain Truth
3. Rise and Fall
4. A Longing For
5. Melancholy Melody
6. Story of Dreams
7. If You Were Here
8. Innocence
9. Beauty of the Forest
10. Summon the Dawn
11. Secretly Enchanted

I’ll be posting a track weekly so that you can take a listen. The album will be posted to iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3, and the likes within the next two weeks. My deepest gratitude to all my fans for sticking with me, and to my one true inspiration for all I do.

City of Lights live on iTunes and Google Play

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My new album, City of Lights, is now available on iTunes and Google Play. Here are the direct links to them.


Google Play Music

A Million Tears on iTunes and AmazonMP3 stores now!!!

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Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you my first full studio album, performed, produced, arranged, and mastered on the Yamaha Motif XS 8.

I’d like to thank the Lord for making this possible, as well as Yamaha for such an outstanding instrument capable of letting me express my feelings. Also, thanks to my family and all you guys for believing in me. Also, this is one is for the essence and beginning of all my inspiration.


Sacred Promise download…

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Ok, I’m getting lots of requests of people asking for my new single as a download. Right now I’m working on getting it up on iTunes and different digital distribution networks. But for now, if you would like the song as a download, please leave me a comment. I will then send you a HQ MP3 of the song.

Again, if you’d like a copy of the MP3, just leave me a comment. Of course, make sure your e-mail addy is valid!


Oh, btw…

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On my previous post, I listed my new song posted on Reverbnation. If you did a little digging around, you probably found my old material. The new single that I just posted is not from that album; it’s from my forthcoming one. There are 14 brand new tracks, “Sacred Promise” included.

In the future, you will be hearing a lot of clips from those songs. I might post up the entire album just for the heck of it. Eventually, I’ll post them on iTunes (support me, please…pretty please) and other places so you guys can get nice HQ versions to carry around on your MP3 player of choice!!!

As always, thanks for listening! I hope you enjoy them!