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Updated site

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I updated some pages on the site and fixed the Music page. I noticed that some of the music was not available in its full format, which would have conflicted with the album on Bandcamp, so I reuploaded all of it. You can listen to or buy in its full format over at Bandcamp now. Also, I’ve begun artwork on the first of the two new albums to be released later this year.

Not forgotten…

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I have not forgotten this site, nor updates!!! I am in the middle of a “sabbatical”, if you will, forced or not.

At any rate, I have good feelings about this album, as I indicated previously. I am currently cooking up ideas for the music video for the new single; I guess I’ll direct and produce the whole thing. 😀

Lots of good things coming up. Stay tuned!!!

Listen to “Sacred Promise”, Nuwrayn’s new single

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Ok, everyone. Here is my new single! I’ve been waiting a long time to release it.

“Sacred Promise” from the new album A Million Tears

Sacred Promise, the new single!!!

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I’m new to this WordPress thing. I want to use it as my site, so bear with me while I get used to this. 😀

I know all my pages are empty and void of content, but that will change soon. Leave me comments in my contact page and they’ll come directly to me!

My new single is named “Sacred Promise”. I want to upload it to this site, but I have to pay money for that!  >:-|

You can listen to it here, or you can send me a message and I’ll send you a HQ version of the song!