Listen to “Sacred Promise”, Nuwrayn’s new single

Ok, everyone. Here is my new single! I’ve been waiting a long time to release it.

“Sacred Promise” from the new album A Million Tears


    1. What you have to do first, is upload the file to a good source that you can DIRECT link to the MP3 file, not a file sharing site that you have to enter a code and then wait to download the file; it has to be a direct link. Once, you have this, you can use this code:

      // [audio] //

      *ignore the // before and after

      See how it works? It’s very simple, but it almost forces us to have to pay for the space on WordPress, since we’ll get the space, and we can direct link to the file itself from our site. Believe me, I found it very hard to find a good host that would allow me to direct link an MP3.

      Hope that helps!!!

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