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Two pieces of news

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Hey all. Long time since I posted. Things are still very active in the background. However, let’s get some news out of the way.

Firstly, one of my aunts passed away yesterday. This is never an easy time for the family, but I choose to try to not dwell on the pain and instead on the happy memories. My fondest memory of my aunt was during one of our visits when I was a small child. We just finished dinner with our Nana; we then went downstairs to my aunt’s apartment, and she sat us on her couch and gave us Stella D’oro cookies. The real, Italian ones that you get in New York. I’ll never forget that day. I think from that day on I always knew her as Aunt Cookie.

Second, I’m nearing completion of another studio album. This album is completely new, original material. I’m 10 tracks in, with probably another 2 to go. I’ll be posting clips up soon, as well as a possible website redesign.

Stay tuned. More to come.

A track from my new album

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Here is the track Unexpected Destiny, off my new album If You Were Here.

New album release: If You Were Here

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Ladies and gentlemen:

I present to you my newest album: If You Were Here. I started this album back in August of 2013, and composed six of the tracks within the last 4 months. Click the album cover to listen to the album now.

If You Were Here

Here is the tracklisting:

1. Unexpected Destiny
2. A Certain Truth
3. Rise and Fall
4. A Longing For
5. Melancholy Melody
6. Story of Dreams
7. If You Were Here
8. Innocence
9. Beauty of the Forest
10. Summon the Dawn
11. Secretly Enchanted

I’ll be posting a track weekly so that you can take a listen. The album will be posted to iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3, and the likes within the next two weeks. My deepest gratitude to all my fans for sticking with me, and to my one true inspiration for all I do.

A track from City of Lights: Oriental Magnetism

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Take a listen to one of the full tracks from my new album, City of Lights. The name of the song is Oriental Magnetism. I’m sure that by listening to it, you’ll know why I named it such.

The inspiration behind this song was actually quite a surprise to myself. I didn’t realize I had ideas or feelings like the ones I did, and it manifested into this song.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!

Updated site

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I updated some pages on the site and fixed the Music page. I noticed that some of the music was not available in its full format, which would have conflicted with the album on Bandcamp, so I reuploaded all of it. You can listen to or buy in its full format over at Bandcamp now. Also, I’ve begun artwork on the first of the two new albums to be released later this year.

Down to the wire…

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Well here we are again. It’s been a busy 8 months. I didn’t expect to take this long making the new album, as most of the material was completed in the first 3 months. Having said that, 8 months is not all that long for coming out with a completely new album, with all new original material, no remixes.

I’m currently mixing down the last track, unless another one comes along unexpectedly, and start working on this release. Again, the album is yet untitled. It is, however, something to be very excited about. It represents change, growth, a continued learning of music and how to respect the art. Edgy, yet subtle and calming. Soothing, but it will make you want to dance.

Stay tuned over the next month, as I will being releasing little snippets here and there. Videos are still forthcoming.

Crazy me

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I said to myself that I would stop making new material after I completed this album, promoted it, sold it, and let the world hear it, but dammit…couldn’t help it. With feelings brimming over, I composed and made an entire full song in a day.

Now I can’t tell if I should put it on my unreleased album, or save it for the next one. :-S