Down to the wire…

Well here we are again. It’s been a busy 8 months. I didn’t expect to take this long making the new album, as most of the material was completed in the first 3 months. Having said that, 8 months is not all that long for coming out with a completely new album, with all new original material, no remixes.

I’m currently mixing down the last track, unless another one comes along unexpectedly, and start working on this release. Again, the album is yet untitled. It is, however, something to be very excited about. It represents change, growth, a continued learning of music and how to respect the art. Edgy, yet subtle and calming. Soothing, but it will make you want to dance.

Stay tuned over the next month, as I will being releasing little snippets here and there. Videos are still forthcoming.

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