So I just cut a new track…

So, last night, in the midst of all the pain and no medication to take (or lack thereof, I didn’t want it to cloud my abilities), I finished a track for my new album. This track is in the same vein as One Republic’s “Apologize”. Instrumental only, ladies and gentlemen. 🙂 Every artist loves the work they do, every song they make.  But there are some songs which just have that feel, that vibe, where you just know that this is something hot. That’s the way I feel about this song I just made.

I have great respect for artists such as One Republic, and guys like Ronald Jenkees, who, I should mention, is exactly the same as me. We do the same stuff. We work with computers. We are self taught musicians.

Last post, I surmised about loving to do an instrumental collaboration with Ryan Tedder of One Republic, Ronald Jenkees, or even Timbaland for that matter, who I must say has had a great effect on One Republic’s musical style, and music in general. I want to take instrumentals to a new level, and I think working with these great artists will afford me the ability to do that.

I’m going to try and reach out to them and see what they have to say.

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