Making music is like

Making music is a strange thing indeed. It’s a love affair, a project, a task, a deadline, torture, happiness, pain, and pleasure all rolled up into one. There, I think I included it all. It goes something like that. Once you latch onto a certain feeling or theme for a song, it’s very hard to control your imagination and relegate it specifically to that one piece of music you are creating. From one song can come hundreds of others; from just 3 notes can inspire an entire song (this is one of my methods of making music).

Having said all that, I’m halfway done on my new project, guilty of not even having promoted A Million Tears. It’s been very unfortunate, since I’m being held back by my health, which, if it were in class, I’d give it a  grade D. Nevertheless, this does nothing to stop my imagination, so the work goes on.

The response to A Million Tears has been gratifying. I love to hear from anyone and everyone what they think about my music and how it affects them. I even had a gentleman tell me that my music “has a soothing effect that put my children, whom I couldn’t quiet all day, right to sleep!”

That’s what I work towards. I want my music to be able to touch as many people as possible and help them get through their everyday lives, to help them emotionally, to tell them a story of mine that they can translate into their own understanding.

Done right, music is joy, and music is pain. Any true artist will tell you this.

Thanks for being so supportive of me and my project. There are good things to come, and I’m glad you all love A Million Tears so much.

Good night for now!


  1. Hey buddy, Sorry to hear about your back giving you grief.

    If it’s a collab you want, why not log into my account ( password = musicman ). There’s some XOP files from the XS that I did on there. See if you can build anything around any of those concepts that I had. That would be REAL interesting to hear what you could do with those.

    I’m moving house next week, so we’re frantically packing, and hopefully we can get in to the new place to clean it up a bit ( its been empty 2 years ). So I may not be around for a few weeks. The new place has a room over the garage, perfect for a new studio !!! 😀

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