Man I hate being sick!!!!

I don’t want to sound like I’m a complainy whiny b****, but I’m really sick and tired of being sick!

On top of the massive back pain that I had, I got the flu (or something like that). Talk about pain on top of pain! And I could really take no meds because I was ALREADY on meds for the back pain. Ugh! It was like pure hell!

Silver lining? I made a new song, going to mix and master, probably tonight. Very mellow, yet catchy and asserting altogether.

The sad thing about this all is that ever since I went down the sick/pain route again, I’ve been so limited. Previously, I used to be able to make an entire song in 3 days. Now, that’s up to half a month. That’s a drastic slowdown to my workflow, and I don’t like it a bit. But I have to manage; nothing else I can do.

The saga continues! Maybe I’ll have enough material so that I can promote “A Million Tears” along with the new album at the same time, who knows! 🙂

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