Yanni HIMSELF!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Yanni himself complimented a video that I composed from scratch, with my brother performing! He said this to me on Twitter:

“Wow – you both sound great! Thank you for sharing that video.”

Here’s a screenshot to prove it!

Coming from the man himself, this is a HUGE confidence booster. I truly hope to collaborate with Yanni as soon as he is able to, as this proves to me, AND my brother, that we are capable of making great music!

Man, still can’t believe it! Yanni is like our musical teacher, our influence. To have him say that, means a lot!

Thanks Yanni!

P.S. This is the video that I was talking about. You can also find it in the Media section of the site.


  1. Hey kidda. Can’t see the vid from work, its blocked. I’ll have a look over Christmas. Make sure you have a cracking Christmas and New Year. Our nice new house has a Nice room over our garage, just right for a small studio, a project for the year !!

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