Orchestral instrumentations are most rewarding

I just wanted to point something out. Orchestral instrumentals are the HARDEST to compose and arrange. However, the silver lining is that they are generally the most rewarding. I can listen to a track over and over without getting tired of it.

The soft, flowing melodies tell a story that only the listener can read. The wondrous thing about these instrumentals is that it fits the listener in whatever way, shape, or form they choose or that they feel. This is why I love doing such orchestral instrumentals.

I promise this will be one to love. The wait will be rewarding. Stay tuned!


  1. Man – I would even know where to begin with Orchestral stuff. It takes me months just to put something basic together, which is why I’m here now. Just to let you know I haven’t forgotten that I said I’d post that tune that was inspired by your album a Million Tears, but as I say it takes me months just to do something basic, because I don’t get much time at all with my keyboard, maybe 30 mins here and there, which a lot of the time is spent reviewing and remembering what I’ve already done, so I rarely achieve a great deal. But I have started putting the loop I had into a song. At the moment, the working title is Imagine The Sea, although that may change when it’s done. And when I say done, I mean the first musical sketch, which is actually just to show you what I’m working on, but even that sketch is taking months to complete. I’ll get there eventually….

  2. I completely understand what you are saying. Making music is kind of….mind wracking, for lack of a better term. Nevertheless, it is the most rewarding when it is finished and you can finally sit back and listen to the final piece.

    I look forward to your clip!

    And stay tuned. I’m cutting a new track right now…will post details in a new blog post.

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