Something beautiful…

Digging back I remember making this post.

It’s really hard sometimes. When reality hits you like a ton of bricks, and there’s really nothing you can do about it. Well, that is, unless you get up and do something about it.

I’ve had people assume the worst things about me because I choose to believe, to influence, and experience life differently than your average six-pack-joe.

The message is in the music. And why this style of music? Because it’s so elaborate, there’s so many different ways you can relate. And you’ve heard what I’ve got so far. I’ll tell you that I’ve gotten nothing but inspiring feedback (for example). I certainly don’t expect it; the simple fact that people can listen to my music and enjoy it means they recognize the message behind it, and it helps me to appreciate that and forge on. And on. And on.

I am currently nearing completion of another exquisite collection of material that I cannot wait to spring upon the world. As I finish each track I can feel it brimming with anticipation of how you guys are going to accept it. Trust me when I tell you, it’s an honor, an exhilaration worth feeling through all the hurt, be it physical or emotional, that an artist makes when composing such music.

In the end, I expect nothing from the world in return for this. If I stand to benefit from what I do, I am grateful. I am just another piece of the puzzle with a story to tell. To make my mark in the world, to let my story be heard, to let it be known that all this is a result of a catalyst: an event that propelled me to do what I do. To shed any and all stereotypes, labels and derision (Lord knows how many I’ve endured), and use sadness, pain, longing, and turn it into something beautiful.

Thank you all for even lending me your ear-time; again, the way I see it, it’s an honor worthy of the trade. I promise you that the music you are about to hear soon will hopefully help to affect change your life; mine too. And, without words, it will help you to understand a little more about the story I’m telling; a quite common one in life, yet one I feel is so profound (in my case), and different, that words will never describe.

Stay tuned.

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