Good to offset bad

So, after the past month which was a heck of a ride, I guess I’m ready to resume moving forward. Life is very spicy, I tell you. Never a dull moment.

Everybody needs to focus on one thing. There is so much negativity that happens in our lives, it’s hard to strike a balance. I always tell myself that it’s hard to be good and easy to be bad, but the rewards of being good, although few and far between, is much greater. In other words, being good, the payoff is greater.

So how do we do this? We have to set good and great goals and work toward them, not against them. For every bad/painful event, we should have a good/happy event that occurs to offset it. Whatever it may be. Do many good little things a lot, and it will add up.

How does this tie in to music? Greatly. Experiences in life brings out the best in us artists. We channel it and turn our pain into something that people can enjoy. That people can relate to. This is the beauty of music. Of instrumental music.

So I’m moving forward. All the things that’s happened to cause me so much hurt and so much pain, I simply channel it into music for you guys to listen to. And you can relate.

I finally chose a beautiful place to begin photoshoots for the next album. Much more to come soon. New site, new pictures, new music, and, the biggest project of them all, new videos. I don’t like releasing things unless they are perfect. It’s what you guys expect, and it’s what I expect of myself.

The wait will be worth it, as I always say. Stay tuned.

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