Temporary new look

So, how do you guys like the new look? Just going to be temporary until I launch my new site. 😀


  1. It’s pleasant enough. What are you going to be designing your new site with ?? I’m probably going to go back to a self written site when mine domain is up for renewal in Sep / Oct. Hard coded in good ole note pad ( well, note tab actually as you can have several pages open at once ). Probably be done in PHP again, I get a real kick out of making my own blog engine and comments engine. A good photo viewer is difficult, so I may try and find some PHP code already done for that. But yeah – I need the challenge of getting my brain working again.

    I may also start a Jam night once every other month. I haven’t got the time to commit to a band, but I love playing live, so I may audition a few people and just have a get together once in a while. Hope everything is getting back to normal in your world.

  2. Thanks Maxxy.

    Things are slowly getting back to normal on this side of the pond. I’d love to get back into the full swing of things, which is probably not going to happen in earnest until the middle to end of September.

    Believe it or not, I’ve already started work on yet ANOTHER album. I have 3 songs already composed (1 completed, other 2 waiting on arranging and mastering). My world = crazy. 😀

    As for the new site, I will be designing it myself. I can indeed still go the route of good ole’ Notepad, but that would take way too much of the limited time I already have on my hands. I’m going to be designing/building through Bandzoogle.

  3. Man…talk about prolific !!! – I still can’t even finish one ( that one Dream Of The Sea ??…..still unfinished 😦 ). I really need to put a little investment into my music if I want to do anything properly, but with a baby on the way ( due December ), and loads of stuff needing to be done to the new house, its just never going to happen. I’d love to get pro tools, and a decent interface for the Laptop, but its all money that I don’t have. If I could just finish a few proper songs on the XS, the missus might be a little more supportive too. I need to find someone to work with to help me finish things. I have loads of snippets of tune, but I just can’t turn them into finished products. I get so frustrated with it all…..

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